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2024 HERT Update 

Message from CERA 13/08/2023

I have become aware from both competitors and Supashock that seals are being cut off from the later series of control suspension. The seals are there to assist with the product being controlled and trying to create an even playing field for all competitors. We are aware that the early series were not sealed but as they are serviced through their duration seals will be added.  

I will also remind you all that the eligibility sets are only for eligibility. They are not to be treated as a spare set of suspension to replace what may be considered to be defective or damaged suspension dampers. The only time they can be used is when a Club appointed Eligibility Officer has found a damper to have a query over its eligibility and legality or if they believe that a damper has been tampered with by a competitor.  They are never to treated as a set of spares.  I'm extremely disappointed to hear that despite instruction given by CERA an Eligibility set has been used for spares and in this particular circumstance the seals were removed from the eligibility set. I will put this down as an agenda item for discussion at the next CERA General meeting. I need to remind you all that the eligibility sets are property of Supashock and must not be tampered with in any respect including the removal of the seals. I have attached the minutes from May 2022 where this was documented.


I hope we can all learn from this experience and that is not repeated in the future.  


Andrew Young 


Circuit Excel Racing Association 

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